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Client harassed me, i refunded them, still have the review

Just kind of confused what to do. I worked with a client for roughly two weeks. After countless contact after hours and being cursed at, I let the client know that I was not a good fit for their working style and ended the contract. (I was being asked repeatedly in the conversation to meet after hours , after i said i was available.)


Thjs client disputed pay for work i completed. While continuing to call and text me, as well as having their EA call and text me. I refunded the money to just be done. But their review is still there days later. 

how do i get this removed so i can move on ?

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You issued full refund? Public feedback won't shown then.

Executive Assistant to the CEO? You cannot remove this if leave money.

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If you never received money on the contract, there wouldn't be an opportunity for the client to leave a review on your profile. But if you have received payment from previous milestones on the project, and you refunded a portion of the funds you received, they can still leave a review. Once you become Top Rated, you have the option of removing a review. 

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