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Client harassing me

Hello, A client asked me to make 9 videos  and send me the videos he liked. I made the videos like that channel nothing wrong about order but now he is saying I didn't like some of the footages I wanna cancel it. I already paid voiceover artist for 9 videos. Everything perfect. What can i do? He is just trying to get works free.I worked 10 days for his project also All of my clients loving my jobs first time i got a situtation like that. And his videos was perfect. But he is kept threatining me with cancelling order. 

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1- Offer him the change of that specific footage or ask him to provide footage he wants to use as an alternative.
2- Ask him to pay some money that is equivalent to the VO artist payment and move on.
3- He can't cancel directly, rather there'll be a dispute. Explain everything on your ticket & offer him the above solutions. 

It happens, no matter how good you're at your work.
You should have worked in milestones for 10 videos, or at least ask him to pay what you were investing. 

Good luck

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Thank you for helping but I can't accept that when i gave my 10 days for his project. He can't say ahh its not my style I wanna cancel it. If people can cancel anything like that. Then I'll go for people to make 20 videos for me and fund the money then Cancel orders free works. If this happens I'll immediately stop working in Upwork even I have full 5 star reviews profile. Its unacceptable for me. 

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If this is a fixed price job, and the milestone(s) are in place, submit the work, and you should receive payment in 14 days.

If this was an hourly project, tracked correctly, submit the work and get paid. The client woulld have to file a dispute.


If the contracts/tracker is there, and they have the work, they can't "cancel."


Block the client if they are being abusive.

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Completly agree with Jeanne H; if the money is in escow or if the hourly payment is assured it's better to move on...

Looks to me that you just got a grifter .

Just ask for the hourly payment or the value in escrow, always presenting the files on the request, and move on... don't get stuck on this client!

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