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Client has requested a cancellation of job and refund after I have done the work!

Last night I began working with a client on a logo design. She said I was a little out of her budget, but I agreed to meet her with her budget of $75. Even more she needed it in a rush. So within 24 hours I provided her with 5 designs to choose from. Hours after I sent her the proofs, she tells me she's sorry but she has to cancel this project. She releases $25 back to me but then requests a refund of the rest of it. Not nearly enough to cover three hours of work (Especially considering I had already discounted to meet her budget) Any recommendations on how I should proceed at this point?

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How was she able to do this? Was the $75 fully funded in the first place?


Edit: I saw what I misunderstood after reading this thread again.


You can refuse her request.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kodi, 

I'm sorry this contract with your client didn't turn out as expected. I checked and it looks like you are yet to respond to the refund request. You may refuse the refund request and the amount remaining in escrow will go on a dispute.


I would also recommend that before you file a dispute, that you exhaust all efforts of communicating with this client so that it can hopefully be settled amicably. 

~ Avery
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