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Client holding payments

Dear Upwork Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance regarding an issue I am facing with my client on the platform.

The situation is as follows: I was hired by the client to write three scripts, and I diligently followed the structure and guidelines they had previously provided. After putting in two days of dedicated work, I submitted the completed scripts for their review and approval.

However, to my surprise, the client is now refusing to approve the payment and has requested a complete rewrite of two scripts. They claim that one of their team members had a change of mind and wants the scripts to be rewritten from scratch.

I find this request unfair and unjustified, as I followed the initial structure provided by the client and invested a significant amount of time and effort into delivering high-quality work. It was not communicated to me initially that I would be required to rewrite the scripts if the client had a sudden change of mind.

Considering the circumstances, I kindly request your intervention and guidance on how to proceed in this matter. I believe it is essential to ensure fairness and uphold the principles of professionalism and mutual respect on the Upwork platform.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can provide to help resolve this issue and ensure that I receive fair compensation for the work I have completed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards, hasham

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I suggest you take this up with the client rather than expect UpWork to do so for you.  UpWork didn't enter into an agreement with the client, you did.  


So in a professional manner explain to the client that you were asked to deliver 3 scripts as per given guidelines and structure that they provided.  You have delivered the work in a timely and professional manner.  If they now wish for the scripts to be written, after they have been completed and delivered, in a different structure or following different guidelines because they had a change of heart after the facts, then you will be happy to do so after they fund an additional milestone for the revisions. 


And that you may be willing to do so for them at 80% of the originally quoted price out of goodwill (if that is what you want to do, entirely up to you).


You can also point out to the client that if they had requested this work to be done by their own employee they would be paying that employee for the initial work done on the 3 scripts and again for the work done on the revisions, your time is not less valuable than any other employee.


If they had changed their minds immediately before you starting the work you may have been able to accomodate their request but seeing that their change in requirements comes only after the work has been completed and delivered it can only be performed under a new milestone with the new requirements clearly attached.


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