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Client insults me and leave bad feedback for not replying WHILE I WAS SLEEPING

The client of contract id 33556014 decide to speak extremely badly after "my lack of response" (when he was delayed in replying and it was late night on my side of the world so I went to bed) I did the changes upon request and I have the feeling he just doesn't want to pay the fee I charge him for being a job done fast. I don't have a problem giving back the money because I don't want a bad contract in my profile but is that what I need to do? Based on how he replies I don't think he should be a client in Upwork again. Let me know what I should do regards refunding money/feedback on the profile and what will be the action towards this client based on his way of replying.


PS I know as top rated plus I can hide his feedback but I don't think he should stay as a client in Upwork based on his behaviour and also I don't want this to affect my JSS

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It will affect JSS in any case. Private feedbacks can be removed with toprated perk but not with refund. Refund only hide public feedback.

So leave money, remove feedback with perk.

Also you can claim if feedback contain ToS violation (lie is not a violation).

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I guess insulting it is...

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