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Client is Asking Me to Relocate - He Needs Passport and ID for Visa



I was recently interviewed for job in UpWork asking me to relocate. I am willing to do that. After a brief video interview, they offer me the job and now they're asking me for my passport and ID so they'll be able to arrange my visa. I am still skeptical about sharing my personal information. Is there something you can do to help me make sure that this is all legit?


Thank you,

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If they're asking for your actual passport and other identification documents (not just numbers or scans), then they're obviously criminals. But I don't see how they could need any information about your documents. It's up to you to arrange visas if you intend to relocate. This sounds like an attempt at identity theft.

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If you haven't signed a formal contract via Upwork then don't do it. I wouldn't dream of doing this through an online platform.  As a matter of interest is this the Singapore job with an unknown Asian destination? 


ETA: Marcus, I have just looked at your profile, and I am convinced this job is a scam. With respect, your one three jobs with Upwork  could not possibly have attracted any kind of big, or honest client. Either as Robert says it's identity fraud, or, at best, you could be letting yourself in for some kind of unpaid work. Don't do it. 


My apologies - I didn't see the other jobs, but I still feel there is something completey off about the job. 


I agree with Nichola. I think this person is going to take the copy of your passport and ID, then disappear and use it in a scam. This has happened to other freelancers on Upwork. Or, they'll do a longer con, maybe have you send money for application fees or a work visa or other nonsense. You only have one completed job here, which ended with poor feedback; I just don't think that a client would jump through hoops to hire and relocate you, when it would be easier to hire a customer service person who lives locally. Do the salary/perks seem too good to be true? 


See this thread as well - it's a similar situation to yours: https://community.upwork.com/t5/New-to-Upwork/Does-this-look-legit-Looks-a-little-bit-like-human-tra...


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Hi! I apologize I was under the impression that I'll receive a notification via email if someone responds to this thread. The client has setup the contract although it came from a different account who he said is part of the team. That client account has little history. Just want to share that update.

Marcus, you could ask customer support if the client is part of the Upwork team. But basically, unless the client offers you a contract via Upwork, don't touch it, and certainly don't give any personal details. I have flagged your post in the hope that (eventually) a moderator will check it for you. The mods seem to be in short supply in this thread. 

Hi Nichola,


I really appreciate that! The client agreed to setup the contract using the account where he posted the job and where we were having our conversation. Thank you for all the help!


Hi Marcus Matthew,


We have checked this with the team and they confirmed that jobs that are done entirely on-site and not online aren't supported on Upwork. The team will be reviewing the job in question and the client account and will take action accordingly. In general, if you find a job suspicious and potentially against Upwork TOS, please notify the team about it using the available flag options.

~ AJ

Hi AJ,


Thanks for the help! I'm looking forward to that review. The job sounds like a great opportunity but just like the users shared above, it has some red flags. I hope that I can hear from you soon!


Thank you,


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