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Client is asking for more work 4 months later

I designed a textile print for a client back in June. She paid and left a great review. In the last 4 months she has been reaching out to me asking questions because she is having trouble getting the garment produced correctly. I have tried to help her troubleshoot. Now she is asking for me to do additional work that she says should have been done originally to get this garment produced. That additional work was never in the original contract and I feel I provided her with exactly she asked for (at a lower price bc she said there would be additional designs needed, which there hasnt been). I dont want a client to be unhappy but I feel I provided her with what she wanted, it was four months ago and she was thrilled with my work at the time. I said I cant work on it and she can look into hiring someone else. Shes saying I have put her in a tight spot. I dont know what else to say. Ive never dealt with a client like this and it seems shes trying to push off her learning-curve mistake on me. How would you handle this?
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You no longer have a contract with that client and it has been way too long for the client to dispute, so ultimately you can just tell the client politely to go away...

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If I had the same situation and if I had a good end with the client, I would give her a quote for the extra job and requested her to create a new contract/offer. I believe, if I could explain to her well about the time I need to do those changes, she would agree. If she doesn't agree, I would walk away. But definitely, I would take a chance to build a good relationship with a client and also for getting some extra money! 


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