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Client is asking for refund

Hello All,


I have recently one fixed price contract with one milestone (funded) with the client. I have delivered market research report covering all of the requirement as mentioned by the client. Now after 4 days of submitting the report, the client has mentioned that the report is not as per their requirement (which is not) & want to pay only 6% of the fixed payment amount.


Since I have delivered all of their requirement, I have mentioned to the client that I have covered all of their requirement & would ready to work if any point is not covered.


Can you please suggest what is the next step to handle such client demand?


Thank you.





Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Sourav,


You will need to submit the work on the milestone created for you. After 14 days the funds will be transferred to your account if no actions are taken on the milestone. Keep in mind that if you resubmit the work again you will reset the 14 days period. To learn more details about fixed price protection, check out this Help Article
I would also recommend to communicate with your client further so that you and your client can reach a positive outcome for both sides. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,


Thank you for your reply.


The client has now instead of replying to which point / where they want me to work or update, simly has placed refund request.


I am not really looking forward to refund since I have delivered exactly what has been mentioned in the requirement but try to avoid arbritation.


Can you please suggest anything on this?


Best Regard


Hi Sourav,


Please keep in mind that you have 7 days to respond to the refund request. If you don't respond to the request the funds from Escrow will be returned to your client.


Now you have the option to approve the refund or open a dispute for your milestone (funds in Escrow). To learn more about our dispute process, check out this post. Thank you.

~ Goran
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