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Client is blackmailing me after a contract is closed for 3 weeks

Hello everyone,


I have been a proud member of Upwork and previously Odesk for many years. Have worked hard and obtained TOP-RATED status. Usually, my clients are very good and normal people.  Now I stumbled on very obnoxious and arrogant client. The actual work was finished in October last year. She did not bother to release a payment herself, neither end the contract, basically nothing. All she ever demanded was a massive amount of revision and not even the same files I originally translated but she had been copying the texts from one file to another. 


In my opinion, there is a certain amount of free revisions a client can ask. I did many of them for her. I don't have to revise the files she changes for like 10+ times if I had done my job properly for the first time.


I had to end the contract myself because she was unstoppable and it just got old for me.  I don't appreciate agencies that think that they will pay once and you are their slave forever.  I absolutely detest such attitude.  Now that the contract is ended for like 3 weeks already, again she harasses me with the fact that she wants revision again. I told her that we don`t have an active contract and that I don`t have to do it. All of a sudden all that I translated was wrong and false and that I did not do my work properly, which is not true but convenient to claim from her side.  


My question: The contract was ended on my side and she did not give me any feedback and did not say anything was wrong. Can she affect me any possible way? Because she actually had enough time to revise everything and everything was ok from her side until she needed something more after the contract was ended 3 weeks later.  I don`t have to do anything to her for free, right?   

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Nope! You ended the contract if it's been over fourteen days, she can't leave feedback for you.

Block her. You don't owe her squat.
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It's done. You have ended the contract 14 days ago! It's over now, Just forget her.

Happy Upworking!

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Argh, Birgit, so sorry. It happens. You are overall obviously a great worker. There won't really be anything you can do to ultimately satisfy this client (from what you've said) so you have done the right thing. Move forward from here.

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Birgit, to avoid this problem in the future, make sure that any fixed price contract you enter into specifies that you will offer one or two revisions (or none, if you prefer) and any additional work after that will require a separate funded milestone.

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Thank you to everyone, who had the time to answer. This situation frustrated me because usually I am a very good peoples person and feel the vibes coming from the client. Also, I do background research. I have to admit that this time it turned out not so good and I am not a psychic:) I am truly glad she can`t affect me anymore and my nerves can rest. 

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