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Client is harrassing me . Client's name is **

Hi there, The client ended the contract with me on last wednesday. Now today, he showed up and told me that some of his files are deleted. i don't have any access to his files since wednesday. He is harrassing me


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Why on earth should she refund because the client is behaving badly? She did the work. 

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If you're not comfortable working a client any longer, it might be best to explain to them politely, end the contract, and move on.


It is important to be respectful. Perhaps, the client just needs a little clarification. But if they're not being cooperative, I think you should report to customer service and move on.


There are better clients who want your service out there. All the best.

Hi Kay!. The client ended the contract with me because he needed to hire someone else. I accepted it. the contract ended last wednesday. I didn't have access to any of his files or slack channel, trello borad since the time the contract ended.Now, out of nowhere he showed up and inflicted these false allegations. Why? Is it because I am a woman. I want justice. His name is **Edited for Community Guidelines**

If you want justice, you'll do better not to say weird random things like "Is it because I'm a woman?" Stick to the facts.

After the contract started with **Edited for Community Guidelines** we used to communicate through slack. All the files were in the slack channel. The contract ended last Wednesday. I was removed from the slack channel at the end of the contract. Today he showed up on Upwork and inflicted me with false allegations. I I have lost all the connections with the files when I was removed from Slack. How can I remove the files when I don't have any access to the files in the slack channel since wednesday. He harrassed me with threatening messages. I want JUSTICE


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I would suggest explaining once that you didn't delete and couldn't have deleted the files, then blocking the client and moving on. Some clients behave like this, it's not worth wasting energy over.

Hi Liz, I explained him in all possible ways. But he didn't want to listen. He was behaving in a very inappropriate manner. I am not wasting any more energy on him.

The 'block' button is your friend 😉 And I would absolutely not refund unless you think you messed the work up.



What has he actually done? He made an accusation to you, right? Has he reported you to Upwork or threatened to report you or threatened anything else? 


Hi Anika,


I am sorry to hear about your experience with this client. I’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ Nikola
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End the contract, refund him his money, and move on. You will get better clients.

Why on earth should she refund because the client is behaving badly? She did the work. 

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