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Client is lying and wants a refund under false statements


Hello! I have a problem with a client who is lying  to make me look bad giving me a bad and false review. 

This person first hired me for a Pinterest ad, which I finished following the references and requirements he sent me, and he satisfactorily approved it. After 9 days, he asked for a new banner for Facebook (I quote: "hi can i get the size for facebook ads too please"). Which I was happy to do but obviously I had to charge for my time.

He said he wanted it for free, on which I refused because Facebook ads have different requirements and formats than Pinterest ads. He inmediately got mad and become agressive (lying and threaten me saying he would report me to upwork) just after I told him I had to charge for my work, and started saying the pinterest ad "was not usable anyways", after 9 days he have had the ad that he himself approved, but I looked up his pinterest account and HE IS ACTUALLY USING MY DESIGN. He asked me if I was going to do the new format for free or not, to start the dispute. I couldn't do it for free, so he is now asking for a refund, saying "when asked for fixes she charged double the price.", which is an absolut lie because, frist, I didn't charge double at all, and second, he NEVER asked for a fix, he asked for a NEW different ad for another social platform from the beginning, he just didn't want to pay for it, its all clear in our messages, so he is lying.
He is misrepresenting the facts to take advantge of me and my work, and there's no option for me to disput the refund. What can I do? He already did a false review in my profile and  he just wants to have the pinterest ad I did for free, because he is actually using it (I took a screenshot but I can't attach it because there's a limit of only 4 pictures). 

I'm attaching screenshots of the conversation. 


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