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Client is not End the Contract

Hello Everyone


I want to share something I have 7 years of I.T Industry But New on Upwork.


One of my first client names is **Edited for Community Guidelines** he gave me a little task at 15$ but actually, the worth price was 100$ of that project but the client force me to complete that task at 15$ if you will complete that task I'll give you another project with a good amount after that I am ready because I am new on Upwork than the thing is that when I complete that task client didn't pay the 15$ amount he asks me to complete more work within that money I request to a client please give me Initial money 15$ and after that I'll complete more work but client denies that thing he forced me and threaten me when you don't complete the work otherwise I'll give you bad review and rating right now I ask him many times to end the contract but he did not reply my message please suggest me what can I do in this case because If he doesn't end the contract the rating will be decreased.


Best Regards

Rohit Sharma


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Hi Rohit, a client cannot "force" you to do anything. You have a contract with that client, so you "agreed" to do a job for $15. Do not conduct your business based off the promise of more work in the future. Try to finish the initial job that agreed to do even if you think it's worth more money and consider it a lesson learnt. If he doesn't end the contract that doesn't mean your rating will be decreased. Actually, it might be better for you if you submit the work, and the job closes without him leaving any feedback as it sounds like you already have a confrontational relationship with the client. 


Good luck.

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Trust me, you don't want this client to end the contract, so stop asking him. Getting no review won't hurt you, whereas if you keep pestering the client about it, he'll definitely give you a bad review. End the contract yourself and forget about the $15. Then tell yourself that you won't accept any further projects that pay less than you think is fair - no matter what the client promises you about "future work" - and read all available help information about how to use Upwork.

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The golden rule of upwork: if you expect good feedback, ask the client to end the contract. If you expect bad feedback, end it yourself. 

Aside from that, the concept of a longterm open contract hurting your rating is untrue. 

I didn't know this. If I end the contract myself the client can't leave feedback?

No, I didn't say that. Since clients care much less about feedback than freelancers, clients will often not leave feedback when the freelancer closes the job, but ALWAYS both parties can leave feedback. 

If you expect bad feedback, your best strategy is to end the contract a few months after the work is done. If you end it while the client is still very angry about how things went, you are likely to get bad feedback at this time. 

Ah, ok that makes sense thank you for the clarification. 

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