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Client is not Responding

Hello, upwork community. reacently on firday, sep 23 i get a job and client hired me, But i don't know why he's is not even interesting in chat. He is not responding for a long time, the job is quite simple, i have done job on 27 sep, and inform him, but he only responded one time. today is 11 oct. Client has good reputation on the platform, but i don't know why he is doing this. Please take a look into this matter. Thanks in advance.

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re: "Client is not Respondingl


That is fine. The client is doing nothing wrong.


Clients are not obligated to respond.

Then how can i assure everything is going fine? please tell me.


A client not responding is a sign of everything going well. If they didn't like your work, they will tell you. 

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Don't contact him again. Clients don't like freelancers bugging them. Even if you don't hear from him again, you will be paid, if you set up the payment process correctly.

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