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Client is not paying and not responding

Hi Everyone,
I have never thought that I have to post something like this. But anyway. So I have been working on upwork as freelance animator for almost 6 years. In my career I have never got a client who did not pay me. But recently I have worked with a client It was a long term job. He paid me in total of 2600 USD So I trusted him and then I have delivered The last project to him out of trust without any escrow. So He was supposed to pay me arround $2000. But it has past three months and he is not paying. (Though He was satisfied with the job and even wanted some revesions and I did them too, at last he was happy and recently I have checked that he has published that video on his channel too). Now he is not responding properly. Do you have any suggesions what I can do? I understand That I have been stupid, I should have made him to create milestones and fund in escrow. But I trusted him. So, any suggestions? 🙂
Thank you

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Issue a takedown notice if you spot the work being used online. 

I've taken similar risks with clients I trust, even though I know it is a very bad idea. But, as you have experienced, it is definitely a risk. 😞

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Three months? And you're still thinking about this? I don't think that is healthy.


I have a term for people who owe me money for work done three months ago: "People who don't owe me money."


On Upwork, we get paid for the work that we do within four weeks. If it goes beyond that amount of time, it means something has gone wrong. If a client does not pay me for the work that I do it means that he is no longer my client. It also means that he does not own the work; I own the work.

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Same thing happend to me. I trusted in this guy because I previously had worked with him. Suddenly he just vanished. He never activate the pending milestone and never been online since. I guess is a waste of time be waiting for him.

Next time never deliver something unless the amount is in escrow.

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Have you only communicated via Upwork?  If you have his email, skype, etc. have you tried him there?  Some of my clients ignore Upwork messages but respond to my messages on other platforms.  


Otherwise go with the threat of using your work.  Just try to be professional about the language you use in your messages.  Hope you get paid soon. 

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