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Client is not releasing payment and asking me to work on additional new requirements

A task was assigned to me with very clear requirements. I accepted the job, worked on it day and night and submitted the 100% work. Now after submission, client started giving new requirements instead of release my payment. Task is complete as per given requirements and client want me to add new requirements in project in same budget. Previous it was a single computer stand alone application, now he wants me to convert it to multiuser application with shared instances. this required additional consistency and coherence related issues. and takes alot of time. other than that he want to add additional fields. i requested him to create a new ticket for new requirements. but he is not willing to do that.

What should i do ?

he is not ending contract

Please create a dispute and help us solve our issue. Thanks


Hi Ahmad,


Please discuss this with your client and explained it to him politely. This way, you can avoid any misunderstandings, and ensure that you both agree on what you need to do next in order to complete his project. If he needs you to do another task, then he'll have to fund a new milestone. You may want to share this help article with your client. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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It is incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional of this client to ask you to work on things that were not part of the original agreement.


I hope things work out for you. If you agree to even a little bit of this, the client will take that as a sign that he can get you to do whatever he says, for free.

Ahmad C wrote:

Please create a dispute and help us solve our issue. Thanks

A dispute doesn't make a decision, it only offers mediation. Often a compromise is found, but not always. To get a binding decision, you'd have to go to arbitration which costs each party $ 291. How much is in escrow?

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I've faced a similar situation a couple of times. Not this drastic, though.

The key is to understand if you have a good connection with the person or not. Did you use video calls for communication so far?

If yes, go through the process with the client, explain the situation as well as you can and perhaps mention that your only goal is to get the project down perfectly so that the client can utilize the results for his/her business purpose.

If no, you're in trouble. Some people who persist on doing text-only communication have no intention of going by normal business ethics. They don't want to know you, they don't want to have a business relationship with you. Their only goal is to exploit others.

In that case, there's no way you can win anyway, just close the contract ASAP. Your profile will get a bad review for sure regardless of how you play it. If money has already been paid, you'll lose.

Either way, don't let one bad client give you a bad impression about this platform. Most people here are decent and good!

I'm hoping for the best.
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