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Client is not responding

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Muhammad F Member Since: Aug 4, 2016
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Hi everyone, 


i was a bit worried and thought better to ask you guys for some advice. Is it normal for a client to go MIA for about a whole week? I mean, i had a contract with a two weeks deadline. However i completed and sent my project well before the dealine. But since then my client has not checked or approved my work, neither is she responidng to my messages. Its been a week now. Should i be worried? or is it a norm around here? I must mention that initially she had been responding to my queries within a day's time. But now she is nowhere to be seen. 


any advice as to what shall i do, wait or what?




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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Don't bug her, whatever you do.  If it's fixed price, you'll get paid after 14 days.  If it's hourly, you will get paid after the appropriate time for review passes.  She may well be on vacation, especially if she's US based.

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Clients, when they receive their finished job and everything is ok with it, just don't bother to come back and close contracts and leave feedback. They just take their work and disappear. Which is good because you know you did a great job and didn't have to go back and modify, redo, rewrite or edit it in some way.


If the job was a fixed rate job, AND escrow was funded, then you'll just have to wait 14 days (which is the length of time Upwork gives a client to review work. After that payment will autoatically go to you. If that's the case, after you get paid, you'll probably have to close the contract yourself. But give the client some time before you do that, They may have personal problem, more important things at work, sickness or an accident. Or they may be on vacation.


If it's an hourly job and you used Tracker and created memos for each screen shot, then after a week you'll get paid.


Of course, if escrow wasn't funded, or you didn't use tracker and write memos, then you won't get paid and that would be the reason why the client disappeared. Let's hope thaqt's not the case here.

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Melissa T Member Since: Dec 5, 2014
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As someone who regularly reviews other freelancers' deliverables for a client, there's a possibility that the client is super busy and only has time allotted at the end of the agreed upon 2 week delivery time to review the work you sent. As others have said, if you submitted work on a fixed price, funded milestone or hourly with proper documenation then you have nothing to worry about since you'll get paid anyway. Don't worry that the client has absconded with your work and you'll never hear from her again. She may simply be focusing on other things. 

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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I'd just like to add that, if it's fixed price, you must submit the work via the "submit and request payment" button (or whatever it's called, can't remember exactly) on the job - NOT just through the message center - in order to receive the payment automatically in 14 days.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Muhammad,


I see you submitted a release request three days ago and can confirm that the funds will be released automatically 14 days after the Milestone submission date, if the client doesn't request changes or approves the release of Escrow funds in the meantime.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Muhammad F:

The client is not "MIA" (to use your word).

The client is under no obligation to respond to your messages. The client is not your penpal.


You agreed to do some work for the client. The client agreed to pay you.

That was it.


You did the work. You'll get paid. So everything is fine.


Is it nice when a client replies and says "thank you"?

Yes, that is great. But it's optional. A client doesn't need to say or do anything.