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Client is saying she will not pay me until I put back original work on Amazon

My Client is unwilling to pay for the work done I have done on her Amazon listings. We had an agreement to do both Front-end/Back-End SEO and fix the grammar/spelling issues that her listing had.


Her listings and descriptions were quite literally unreadable and had random words thrown around the listing. She is for some reason unhappy with that and doesn't understand that the work that was done is as we discussed.

She speaks broken English and is unable to understand that it literally was not readable. Typically, I can understand what someone is saying even if they're unable to use proper Spelling/Grammar, but in this instance, I literally could not see anything other than random 1-word facts.

The money is in Escrow and I've never dealt with this before so it's a little frustrating. What are my options, do I file a dispute?
I attached one of the listings for reference. 


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My general rule is:

Never file a dispute.


You may file a dispute if you want to, but all that means is that Upwork will encourage you and the client to come to an agreement. Upwork does NOT decide who is right or wrong, no matter how obvious your case might seem to you. Deciding who is right or wrong is only done by an independent arbitrator, if you go to arbitration (your cost: $291).


I'm not saying you can't go down that path. But before going there, try to work things out with the client.

Maybe you can give her what she wants? If the work necessary to do so is not too onerous? Or maybe she will accept a settlement? Maybe she would accept your work and pay you 10% less than the agreed upon amount? Sometimes clients are willing to pay, but they just want their voice to be heard.

I no longer have her past listings. They were LITERALLY random words and broken English.  She, unfortunately, tried to request the escrow fund back, and will no longer communicate so I filed the dispute against her.

It's only $125... but as a college student, that's a lot. Thanks for your advice.


If you think your work is complete, submit it to your client using the "Submit" button on the Upwork project page.


That begins the 14-day period over which your client can review the work and ask for revisions. 


If she doesn't dispute payment during that period, escrow will automatically be released to you.


If she asks for revisions you think are excessive or other major changes you do not believe were part of the work your work contract contemplated, you should still try to make her happy (within limits).


Do not agree to any refund if she can't be satisfied, regardless of your fulfillment of reasonable requests for change. 

Let's be clear about one thing:

The client is wrong.

The client should pay you upon the completion of the assigned task.

And you completed the task, even if she doesn't understand English and/or the underlying technology well enough to appreciate what you did.


Unfortunately, Upwork doesn't decide who is wrong or right, so if the client disputes... then there's a problem, no matter how wrong the client is.

re: "I no longer have her past listings."


So... just to be clear here....


She said she would pay you if you restored her past listings.


So if you had simply saved her past listings and restored them, you could have been paid?