Client is saying that he did not received any email to approve your work

Hello there,


I hope you are well. The last Monday I have completed my first project and client was very supportive he was best, after completion of work he releases money and he also gave me good feedback but when I added my project to my portfolio then message is shown "Under Review" and when I talk with my client that approve my work so that it can appear on my profile then he is saying I did not receive any email to approve your work.

Let me know how my work will appear in my portfolio and how client will approve

Please see the attachment


Notify my client to approve my work


Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day !


Junaid Ahmed

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Junaid,


Please ask your client to check their Upwork and email notification settings, and check other folders in the email account they are using on their Upwork account. Your client can contact Customer Support if they don't locate the email and our team will assist them directly.


In the meantime, ask your client for permission to publish their job in your Portfolio and remove the sample if they refuse.