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Client is threatening me to report against me to Upwork



I have a client from my own country with whoom I used to work directly. He recently approached me again for some development work and I told him work through Upwork with an hourly contract.


He told me to copy a live HTML template for his website and asked for the time estimate. I gave him 20-24 hours of time estimate and max of two days to complete that, on which he agreed and I started the work. I billed him for 16 hours and completed the website just the way he wanted. But after completion, he did not like the website and told me to copy one another template. But at the same time he complained me for billing him for 16 hours for the previous template and threatned me to report to Upwork as he claims that I have conned him which I never did.


Now he wants me to complete the new template without charging anything or face bad outcome. I want to complaint against him before he does with all the proofs I have. Please advice me how can I do that.

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Did you track your time properly using the Upwork tracker and with meaningful work memos and appropriate activity levels?


That is ALL that matters.

Yes, I tracked my time using Upwork Tracker. 

One thing more that is before starting on that task my limit was 10hours/week and I requested him to increase the limit to 25 hours/week as my given estimate was 20-24 hours but he didn't increase it. But then on the next day, after complete all the work, I added manually 6 hours because I invested my extra hours after limit reached and requested him to approve it and he approved that and at the same time he increased my limit to 25 hours.

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You should not have exceeded that weekly time limit without it being raised by the client. Manual time is not protected by Upwork. Even though he retroactively raised the limit, since it was recorded manually you will not be paid for it if he disputes it.

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I had the same experience last week.
Upwork Time Tracker always turned On and have detail memos every hour if possible, never go beyond time limit so this is why always ask for 40hours a week the standard weekly working hours anywhere in the world shouldn't be any difference here. An hour worked is an hour paid, says on Upwork's guarantee for time based project.
To counter client's complaints about money back, tell client on 2nd week is their chance to ask for edits so no need to complain when their time is up, freelancers are given deadline to finish work, so is client are given deadline to review and ask for edits. If client violates this, no responsibility on your end as freelancer and show client the link to that page that explains How Time Based Project Works.
The only way to get your money secure is by playing by the rule book of Upwork, always have 100% activity working fast finishing your job with detail memos and deliver quality works, never ever go below 50% activity-meter, Upwork won't side with you if below 50% during dispute, you will lose that chunk of 10minutes-block worth of money.
To protect your stand from client revenge via bad reviews, upload all the screen recording and chat history, show with facts you did as instructed on contract and pick all the hard evidence that your work is honest great quality to your best skill and show timeline chat history where client misunderstood or trying to take advantage of you.
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