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Client is threating to sue me in court and has already hired an attorney in my country

Hi Upwork Community !

Recently I am having trouble with one of my clients and even after delivering the files that he wanted and telling the specs to run it, he tries to run it anyway and it doesn't work according to him. He wasn't meeting the specs I mentioned to run the files, so I thought that let me try to downgrade the files to his specs and I told him about my idea and he told me that I can work on the downgrade. (Keep in mind the downgrade was free of charge) So long story short, After working on the downgrade and trying to upload it, the upload gets stuck because of technical issues, so I told him about it and he thinks that I am lying and is threating me about going to the court and suing me, If I don't give the project or refund all the money. Even tho I gave him the complete source code of the project. I told him that "I already gave you the source code files of the project, it is not my fault if you can't run the project due to not meeting the hardware and os specs on your side, at best I have tried to do is to try downgrading the project to your specs" He already hired an attorney in my country about this. He also said that he notified upwork about my refusal to deliver the project but I haven't got any messages from upwork about this issue yet.

What should I do about this ?

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I think you are dealing with someone who is a bully and a scam artist.


re: "He already hired an attorney in my country about this."


You live in Bangladesh. The client does not. This seems very unlikely.


Why do you believe that the client hired an attorney in your country?

I checked his other open jobs and saw that he created a job that says "Need an attorney in Bangladesh" and the contract shows that he already hired someone.

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You want to refund him? If yes then do it, close contract and forgot.

If not then collect all contract history, it will prove that job is done. You worked on and must be paid. The likelihood that the case will go to court is minimal. Perhaps the client just wants to get a job for free.

What's ammount? Is it hourly or fixed-price?

It's hourly

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You have  delivered the files and you have done the work. Stand your ground.  As Preston says, your client is bullying you.  If this was a fixed-price job refuse to refund and if necessary, take it as far as arbitration. However, I would not engage any further with the client.  You have had your say, let him take it from here.  And there is no way he will have hired an attorney in your country.  There is simply no case to answer. 


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I call his bluff.  There's no way he actually hired an attorney.  Looks like a scumbag trying to intimidate you.  

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