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Client is using other accounts to ban me from Upwork.

I had a crazy dispute with one of my new clients. I think really wanted to ban from the platform because   
I got two offers from different accounts both with a time difference of 1 minute after he filed the dispute. I declined both offers but also said me scammer and blocked me I am okay to fight on a dispute regarding my task but really worried about this which might ban me from the platform. Isn't the client violating the TOS
I really want to talk with this client anymore. Let me know what will be the

Offer's sent

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Propo declined so he unable to do anything for your account.

But you also cannot prove that same person.

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True. All incidents happened at the same time interval and both new so-called new clients replied to me as scammers and fake profiles almost at the same time. If still proves it's just a coincidence then let's see what happens.

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