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Client left bad review after not responding for 7 days

I am a Top Rated freelanceer with a 100% JSS.

My client left me a 3.35 star review. The communication was good and I sent him the finished file. I asked him to let me know if there is something he doesn't like and wants me to change it.

He did not respond to that message and after 7 days he ended the contact. I assumed that everything is okay, so I I left a 5 star rating for him because I thought we had good cooperation.

I would have gladly redid the project if he didn't like it, but he never communicated to me that he is not pleased.

Now he has left me a bad review and I want to remove it. Is there a way to do that so it doesn't affect my future work and JSS?
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Stefanija L wrote:
Is there a way to do that so it doesn't affect my future work and JSS?


If you are top rated then you have a perk that allows you to removed feedback once every 3 months and 10 contracts. 


The project was only $50 and the client didn't leave any written feedback, so it's not that bad. You might want to wait and see what impact it has on your JSS before you make a decision to use the feedback removal perk. You can only use it once every three months/ten contracts, so you might want to save it for a time when you need it more.




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