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Client left negative feedback saying I did not work properly and then ironically hired me again

The client had completed the project without any notice and when I asked she said she had done it accidently and awarded me again. I gave her a notice when I had joined saying that I have to attend a wedding and she was fine with it, but when I see the completed project a few days later she says that I left the job without any notice and I vanish which I did not.


Even if the client is saying the truth that I did vanish, why did she hire me again for the next project. She hired me the same day she completed the first project, and this explains that I am not at fault and I was there.


Then she is all quiet for full holiday season as she was busy celebrating, but then when holiday season is over she feels that now she does not need anyone and so first she says me to work at less as I dont have to do that much work, and when I disagree she just again fires me and leaves a negative feedback on the other project too.


I have been working online from last 7 years on other platforms but trust me this is the worst experience I had so far. I had to refund her for 2nd project as I am not getting any work here now, but I just cannot afford to refund her for the first one as well. As I am not at fault and then also I am the one paying. Please someone help me!

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NB : Request the client to change their feedback constitutes as feedback manipulation, and this is not allowed by the policies here on UW. So it's very difficulte to advice in this case.
Sorry for not being helpful.

Wish you good luck to raise your JSS by performing other tasks and new contracts. So, after 6 months, it could be fine.

My best !

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Community Manager

Hi Mhammed, and Aishwarya, 

I would like to recommend against offering free work, and requesting the client to change her feedback as this constitutes as feedback manipulation, and is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service. 

Aishwarya, I'm sorry to learn about your experience. As a freelancer, you have full control of managing your freelancing business.The decision will be entirely up to you, and how you wish to manage your business. In this case, if you feel that this client will end up as a liability, you may decide to stop working with the client moving forward. 

~ Avery
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