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Client made very late payment and gave 4-star feedback...sad

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Xiaodan Z Member Since: Oct 20, 2013
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I did a short translation job for a client about 2 weeks ago. After I delivered the translation to him, he said thanks, but did not make payment. I sent him a message to remind him of the payment and he did not reply. I sent him another message two days later, but no reply was received. A week later, he still did not reply to any of my messages. So I reported this client to Odesk. Odesk help center replied to my report, saying the client did not reply to their message either. Then today, 12 days later after I delivered the work, the client ended the contract and made the payment finally. He gave me 4-star feedback, which was not that bad, but I still feel sad. I provided high quality translation in time. It was the client who did not reply to my messages. I did not do anything wrong. I have been trying so hard to provide high quality translation for all my clients, expecting feedback which deserves my hard work.
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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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I can't believe he had the courage to give you 4 for deadline, you delivered the translation the day after the contract started. Good that the job is not private, we can see who the client is.