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Client manipulation

Please kind the attachment and tell me how this is fair. I have done similar project but this is complete not right, my client is manipulating and I really wonder will my dispute agent understand, as the agent is not pointing out any mistake happened in my client side so far.


she never mentioned her payment will be made only after engineer review and she made this statement after I submitted for payment , where she initially made excuses stating her card was lost and she will close contract and make new contract with another contract even though the fund was moved to escrow account in upwork. After I explained her abt escrow and not accepting her condition she made this engineer review statement. 

How am I suppose to know she will really keep her word and only professional engineer review . I submitted my work based on the reference documents she provided. I don't have issue with engineer  vetting my documents but I can't trust her and why should I go with something beyond contract deal , so I filled dispute. Please tell me how am I wrong. Will all my effort go for nothing ?


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