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Client messed up, wants rewrite.


My client needed five nurture emails written by an expereinced copywriter for a print advertising product for one of his agency clients. 


After accepting the job I found out the emails weren't for print advertising, they were for ads that are displayed in software programs. No big deal, I thought.


I asked my client tons of follow up questions to better understand the job and deliver the best results possible. The bulk of his replies were "I don't know", "I think so" or "sounds good".


Before writing all five emails, I sent a draft to make sure the tone and content of the copy matched what my client's client was looking for.


My client praised my writing skills and gave the green light to write the other emails.


I completed the emails and requested payment four days ago.


Yesterday my client asked if I would write copy for a related landing page. He promised to pay me extra, so I did. 


Tonight, I followed up to make sure that my client's client liked the emails. 


Feedback from my client's client was that "the emails target the wrong audience" and need to be rewritten.


My reason for asking preliminary questions was to avoid this exact situation, but here we are. 


The client offered to pay me double, for the work but can only pay me after he gets paid by his client.


I don't really have the time. My plate is completely full at the moment.


The ol' gut is telling me to request payment for the work I've already completed and decline to rewrite the series.


Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Community Guru

You will need to let the client know from previous communications that your work addressed the objectives initially specified. I bet he did not get his client's buy in before approving your work hence the negative feedback. He needs to deal with this issue and I am not sure you should continue working on a project with conflicting responses but if he really wants to work with you he should be willing to reward you for the initial work before asking for a new submission.

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