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Client names not displaying on desktop version of job search/job detail pages?

So I primarily have used the desktop app for job search and proposal response.  I only recently noticed that the ]customer name does not display in the search or job details page (yet it shows on the proposal page on just the mobile app once you've submitted).  Is this something that can be added to the create proposal pages for refrence?  I would have been using names in my proposals to make them more formal if I had relized this sooner.




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Upwork doesn't want to display client names in searches or on Job Posting pages.


If you are seeing client name somewhere, it's a mistake or indicates that you are using something which is not up-to-date with Upwork's managerial intentions.


(Naughty freelancers and scammers were abusing the system by looking at client names in job postings and then figuring out ways to contact clients directly using their names, to harrass them or offer to work for them off of the platform, etc.)

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