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Client needs an official contract

My client needs a contract document for our contract terms to submit to issue a reimbursement request. I cannot figure out how to get this information. I found my Contract ID but nowhere to get a contract that has the terms of the agreement.


Any ideas?




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Why isn't the client asking the Forum for help with this?


If you have already been paid, then isn't looking into this a waste of your time?

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When a client invites you to a job, and you accept it, that is your contract. It's digital in nature, but it's a contract with terms and conditions. The client is using Upwork, so they must understand (or learn) that contracts for specific jobs are set through the platform.


And, far as I know, Upwork has never provided a way to view the freelancer/client contract in a file or document.

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Your contract is a combination of the terms of the offer you accepted and any of the optional contract terms (which you can find in the terms of service) that you have not explicitly overwritten in your agreement.

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