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Client non-responsive, job complete and paid for



I have found some answers on the chat boards regarding this issue, but I am still not clear on a few points. 


I have several contracts that the clients never closed. The jobs were completed successfully and I was paid for them. Two of the clients claimed they closed the contracts (but they still show as open), others have just disappeared and have not responded to emails or messages via UpWork. Some have been dormant for months. 


I think that these open contracts are preventing me from obtaining new jobs, as clients may look at them and think that I have too much on my plate. But I currently am actively working for only three of my clients consistently. 


I worked hard to get my job score to where it is, and do not want to lose my Top Rated status with a bunch of closed jobs with no feedback.

Can somebody give me a straight answer on the best way to clear out the old contracts without affecting my JSS?


Thank you!


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Every two weeks, send one of your AWOL clients a note telling them you enjoyed working with them and would like to know if there is any more work they'd like you to do on their project in the next month or so. Also ask them to please close out the project if there is no more they need from you, and let them know you'd be happy to work for them again if they re-start the project or have a new project in the future.


If they haven't responded to you within a week, close the project yourself and give the client no more thought. Don't be negative in your feedback for the client in regards to them going AWOL; this is common and might be off-putting to potential new clients. (Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather work for a client who disappears after the project is complete and I've been paid than not work for them at all, all other things being equal.)


Leave a notation in your feedback that you closed the project yourself only because you hadn't received any communication from the client in quite some time and you'd be happy to work with them again (if that's true).



Hi Will, 


Thanks for your reply. I have repeatedly contacted all of these clients as you suggested. No responses. 


I am tempted to start closing them out on my own because I need to work. But I am mostly concerned with how closing them will affect my JSS. I can't seem to find a definitive answer on that on the boards. 

Yes, Jeanne, that seems to be the consensus from posters here who comment most frequently on the details of the JSS, which Upwork provides little information about.


That's why I suggested you close one every two weeks.

Jeanne M wrote:


I am tempted to start closing them out on my own because I need to work. But I am mostly concerned with how closing them will affect my JSS. I can't seem to find a definitive answer on that on the boards. 

It will not provided 1) money way paid under them at some point in the past and 2) you don't have an insane percentage. I don't personally believe even an insane percentage hurts, I saw a profile with over 85% of contracts with no feedback and a JSS of 100%

Hi Petra, 


Thank you for your answer. I was paid every time and did not have any complaints from clients during the process. Good to know about the contracts and JSS - gives me hope. 

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Hi Jeanne,


I've read on these boards to close them one by one and not all at the same time.  I would start with the ones you've already asked to close and if they had a good experience, they'll still be able to provide feedback.


I doubt clients think you have too much on your plate.  Most aren't as detail oriented as you may think.  Besides, you can address you have availability in your proposal. 


Good luck!


Hi Robin,


Thanks for your reply. I have addressed this in all of my proposals, and I did have two accepted proposals where the clients did tell me that my qualifications were great but that my availability for time commitment was questionable. This is why I don't want to let it lie any longer.

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