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Client not paying not ending contract

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Syed Aariz S Member Since: May 4, 2017
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Greetings All,


I got a scrapping job from upwork, The job was to make a business lead's website, Which i did, the client asked me to scrap the data from linkedin, google maps & yelp. I initially did that and provided him what he wanted, It was hardly a 2 day job, After that he came and said its not working, he searched for dentist and didnt found any data. After telling him how the system worked he gave me around 150 categories to scrap the data from, I did that all and still he says things are not working. One of the most annoying thing is he doesn't replies for weeks and when i submit my work on upwork and request for ending proposal he comes back and said things are not working, He dont have any knowledge of what he want and what can be done in this budget. I have done alot of work, after doing a research and to give him best results i have made multiple scripts and bots to get the best data. He requested data from 3 sites i am giving him data from more then 7, i recently added 2k+ categories so he can get almost every category data. Still he doesn't reply me. He reads all my messages but doesn't reply not he is ending the contract and paying me. What should i do ? the data and all the raw code is on his server. I have done more then what was asked still he is being rude and not replying nor paying me. Any idea What should i do next ?

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Syed,

Just to confirm this is a fixed price contract, correct?

If you have been hired on a official contract you will need to submit the work on the milestone created for you. After 14 days the funds will be transferred to your account if no actions are taken on the milestone. Keep in mind that if you resubmit the work again you will reset the 14 days period. To learn more details about fixed price protection, check out this Help Article. Thank you.