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Client not replying.

I have recently joined oDesk. I have seen some job posts that are there for over one month without a hire. Can anyone experienced enough tell me how can I find a client that would reply within few days? Is there any way to find out?

Hi Farhan, It's at the client's discretion when to reply. There isn't much you can do. You just have to look for other contracts in the meantime. If a client is taking too long to make a decision and you feel that it's best to withdraw the application, then do that.

Please be informed that neither oDesk nor freelancers could control over the recruitment process. It is at client's discretion to respond some shortlisted applicants or remain unresponsive. If these are fixed price jobs you are talking about then such posts will be automatically expired on **day of delivery** set by the client. You can find this above the job description. Hourly paid job postings will remain open until a month is reached from the day of posting (will appreciate if some other confirms this).