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Client not sending the work

Hi - 

I agreed to a job and the client sent me login info but now is not sending the work or responding to my follow-ups. What do I do? Write it off? I read that Upwork has ratings on if freelancers complete a job that is accepted. I can't complete it if I don't get the information.  Brand new to using Upwork for jobs.


Thank you!


Hi Wendy,


If the client has not replied to you for a considerable amount of time, we can have one of our agents reach out to them on your behalf, if you wish to do that. Also, you may want to take a look at this help article regarding the Job Success Score so you can get more familiar with it, as well as our Resource Center; where you’ll find some excellent articles and learn more about Upwork.

~ Luiggi

Hi -

Thank you so much. July 12th he told me he would send me more information
soon. How long should I wait?

Thank you

It is really not hurting you to wait.


I believe what is happening is the client is busy, getting his act together to move on to the next step, and will appreciate if you wait. Don't contact him. Don't do anything. He will contact you eventually and pay you to work on the project.

Hi -

That is my normal process when handling things just wanted to check with
you since it is my first Upwork experience.

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