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Client paid me 3 times by mistake and then he went offline and i want to make a positive action

I had a contract with a client and the work was done successfully and the client accepted the payment request on the Fixed price contract, ended the contract and left me a review then went offline !

The problem is that the client by mistake paid the milestone 2 times more because i think he is new to Upwork and didn't know what he was doing, i want to be positive and only get the price i agreed with him about that was only the 25$ for the first milestone.What are the steps i should do, i thought about making a refund but i was worried that would affect my JSS or my score so i asked for help.

Thank you in advance.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Mohamed,

Refunds will not affect your Job Success score negatively if the job was completed successfully and the client was satisfied with the result and left positive public and private feedback. This positively affects your JSS. 

~ Goran

Thank you sir,

Refund was made successfully (Y)

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