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Client paused the contract

My client paused my contract and would like me to edit some part of my task without the time tracker. This sounds not right to me or I don't know because I'm new to this and this is my first client. Should I continue with the task without the time tracker and will I still get paid for the hours I worked just in case I will not continue it anymore?

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When you don't turn the time tracker on, you will not get paid. 

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It's up to you to discuss the situation with the client and decide for yourself whether you agree to these terms or not; if it were me and I thought that I had done something incorrectly, I would offer to remedy it without charge, but you don't provide enough details to know whether this is the case, or whether the client is trying to take advantage of you. You're free to quit a project at any time and the client will be automatically billed for the hours that you've worked so far, but they'll also have the opportunity to leave you a bad feedback review. It says in your profile overview that you specialize in conflict resolution and handling complaints, so why not put your skills to use in this situation? 

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