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Client payment not verified

When I search for job if the client is payment not verified does that meen that its a scam or theuly whant pay me, and what does it meen if they have 0 spent .

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If you're a client and browsing/testing out freelancing sites on the net, you'll want to post your job immediately and see some respond from prospective freelancers. You don't want to give your card information at this point, right? That's who they are.


The payment unverified thing cannot be used to determine if they're a scammer or not, you need to use other metrics for that.


And 0 spent means they haven't paid any freelancers, yet.

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Branko G.,


Add something like the following in your proposals and you'll see a lot of the fraudsters go quiet and genuine clients happy to comply:


""I suggest we have a call to discuss your project in detail. As you may know, during our pre-contract communication Upwork requires that we only use Upwork’s own version of Zoom, rather than WhatsApp, Zoom, Hangouts, etc., to talk through the specifics of what you need and to discuss any questions you and I have for one another:


On-platform Interviews – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help


After that call, which I am happy to have over the weekend, I can start work on this (immediately OR as soon as Upwork confirms your payment method). We can then use any method of communication you prefer."


I have had many successful projects with new clients who hadn't yet had their payment method confirmed when I had my first contact with them.

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Hi Branko G.,


Are payment unverified Jobs Safe?

According to my experience...

I can't say all those jobs are unsafe or safe. But most jobs are not safe. If you apply for such jobs, do not start work until they verify. Tell them to verify the payment first.


Before starting the work...

Know what not to do here.

For Example...

  • Don't go outside UpWork no matter who calls you. Do the work in UpWork.
  • Do not share any of your personal contact information.
  • Don't ask for money/5 star rating in message box. and etc.

If you need an answer to any question, search your question first in the community. If you don't get an answer, post your question. Because you will get late reply when you post.


Take some time and check out these courses



Important for data entry workers

Check this Expert talk

Identifying & Avoiding Scams : https://community.upwork.com/t5/Videos/Identifying-amp-Avoiding-Scams/ta-p/1088711


This is my opinion. I hope this message helps you.

In my 11 or so years on the platform, most of my clients have been first timers without verified payment methods.  When we agree to a contract, I let them know I cannot work  until their payment is verified.  Usually done within the hour.  I've never had a scammer, a dispute, or any problems getting paid.  My clients (attorneys) just don't want to put payment information out there until/ unless they find the right person.

How can I ask the client to verify payment before I start working

You can ask clients when they respond to your proposal.

When I message that I've accepted the offer and am ready to start, I just say that they have to verify payment before I'm allowed to start working.




Do you accept offers before Upwork has verified a client's payment method?

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Unverified clients are not scammers. I have had excellent clients who were not verified when they posted the ad. Some clients aren't certain they will find the right person, or they may be willing to pay based on the skills of the freelancer they hire. Before they hire me, I insist on paying the fee before I start work or sign the contract. Sometimes they are new and don't feel comfortable putting money on the line. If you only look at verified payment, you will likely be scammed. You have to thoroughly check the client and the job, every single proposal.

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