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Client recieve the job and did not pay (fixed-price contarct)

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Hi everyone,


two months ago, I submited a job for a new client, he told me to make some little changes, then I send him the file, he was satisfied, after the job is done, he did not pay, he did not answer to my messages, after two days i recieve a notification that the contract is suspendend due to client account issue, now he is always offline, I'm not in need of his $12 but now I recieve this email from upwork, I did not understand the sentence in red, that means that i will give back $12 even if the payment has not been made ???


Can anyone please explain this for me? thanks in advance


"We recently contacted your client, **Edited for Community Guidelines** about pizza shop emails, which has been idle for over 76 days. Per the escrow instructions for fixed-price contracts and for your security, we notified your client that they need to take action on this contract in order for it to remain open. If no new milestone updates, payments or refunds are made in the next 2 weeks, this contract will be closed on Upwork. If the contract is closed, you will receive a refund request for $12.00 (the funds still in escrow). You will have 7 days to dispute this request.

If you feel this contract should remain open, please contact your client. Should the contract be closed due to inactivity, your client will still be notified in product of the option to leave feedback."


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That means that there are $ 12 in Escrow, and you should go to the contract and click on "Submit work / Request Payment" or "Resubmit" - and the funds should be released to you in 14 days.

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Thank you so much Petra for you help 🙂 Wish you all the best Heart

@Juvy Ann P wrote:

It looks like your client was (or is) genuine, Maryem.  Obviously, the milestone he created for you was funded.  It seems that you have an option to communicate with your client.  


As regards the staement in red font -- it means that if the contract will be closed, you will have to refund the client an amount of $12.00.  And if you choose not to do so, a dispute must be initiated by you.  Your approval is needed for $12.00 to go back to your client's account.  Usually, dispute processes are bloody.


So, would you rather have a bloody battle or communicate with your client, Maryem?

 Why don't you PLEASE stop posting false nonsense. You haven't got the foggiest hint of a clue what you are talking about.