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Client requested a refund with no reason

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Dulce Maria G wrote:

Hello, I am new to upwork and recently I received a refund request from the client.


Yet another new freelancer, scammed. 


The problem is that there is no reason why she sent that request, since the work was completed and she approved the milestone.


If there was no reason for the request then there is NO reason to refund what you earned for your time and effort. 

Apparently, there is no reason why she asks me for a refund.


Maybe it's just a mistake, but the only thing I did was return the amount left in escrow to her, nothing more.


And by doing that, you reinforced the notion that all a client needs to do is to look for a new freelancer, get the work delivered and then either threaten a negative review if not refunded or just ask for a refund, no reason, no explanation. 


Also, my client agreed to pay me the amount of $50, and now I see that she has sent me a request for a refund of $50 with NO EXPLANATION, so I don't understand why.


Just because she asked for refund even with an explanation that doesn't mean you have to give one. 

I Attached a screenshot below.
As you can see, she does not say any reason or anything, so i can't understand why she sent me this request.


¿Am I obligated to make her a refund? The work is finished and in theory there was no problem.


Quoted from post from another freelancer and with her permission .

Janean L wrote:

Here is a tough truth reality:

The answer is : YES. "Yes... if..."


That is, If you are prepared to allow your freelancing endeavors to be controlled by a perpetual fear of an unpredictable and often dyspeptic client leaving you a bad review, then, by all means, YES, do allow such a client (and the many like-minded clients who will follow) to tyrannize your life. Give in to their unreasonable demands.


You will be miserable. You will be a worm-like supplicant. You will live in constant fear and uncertainty. Your talents will be at the mercy of those who neither appreciate them nor remunerate you properly for their application.


You won't make as much money as you could do if you worked with a better class of clients and if you valued your skills appropriately.


However, if you are ruled by your fear of the possibility -- even of the near-certainty -- of a bad review from a bilious and perhaps vindictive client... Well, then, by all means do the work for free.


ETA:  This is not meant to be a slam to you. It is truly meant as helpful advice -- as a way of looking at this situation that will make you re-think this client and your freelancer/client relationship. Give yourself some power and control!


Thank you

Youi should NOT be scared of any client either threatening to start a dispute or actually starting one. You should not be afraid of a dispute. Nor should you be afraid to go into arbitration. Those 2 processes are there for a reason. Upwork provides that service to both freelancers and clients when a problem arises. 


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re: "Let's say the client is currently using that logo on their website (hypothetically). Does that matter at all?"


An interesting question: Does it matter?


In one sense, it doesn't matter at all.


If a client hires me to do Task X (your example was creating a logo, but that is irrelevent)...


If I do Task X, and submit that to the client, then she needs to pay what we agreed.


That's it. It's not complicated.


It doesn't matter if she ends up using my work, or not.

It doesn't matter if her cat died.

It doesn't matter if she suddenly needs the money back so she can fix her car.

It doesn't matter if the project she wanted to use the work on fell through.

It doesn't matter if she hates the work that I did, or claims to hate it.


She hired me to do Task X. I did Task X. That's it. Release the payment. Don't request a refund.


In the "hypothetical" situation posited above, a client hired a freelancer to create a logo, and started using the logo on the client's website, and then asked for a refund.


This doesn't really matter in terms of whether or not the client should pay the freelancer. It simply demonstrates that the client is dishonest when she claims she doesn't like the logo. The client essentially does not think of the client as a fellow human being. She is simply clicking buttons on a computer screen, hoping to get money back.