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Client requested refund by mistake

One of my clients finished a fixed price job and now wants to hire me on hourly basis with a lower hourly rate than my usual one, which I agreed. He already hired me, so no problem with that .


However, he made a mistake when closing the previous jobs and milestones and requested a refund for the same amount of the hour price we agreed. He told me to reject the refund because he can't find how to do it on his side. But when I try to do it, I'm asked to do a process that is nowhere close to "it was a mistake" but more like "let's start a fight" .


Is it possible that someone takes a look and simply cancels teh refund? Or tell the client how to do it?


For future reference, I know you hate UX, CX and CS with passion, but it would be incredibly good to consider the possibility of just errors or mistakes. Not everyone tries to fight, not all customers or contractors are scammers, nor are all business relationships between enemies. Just my 2 cents.

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Community Manager

Hi Fabio,


Looks like this Escrow refund request were initiated upon the Contract closure. There's no option to cancel a refund request but you can respond to it and decline by selecting the second option (I do not approve this request and want to file a dispute). This will then be sent to our Dispute Team, and your client will have the option to ask the team to cancel the refund request and close the dispute.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan

I can't even start to explain how many things wrong are in this process.


But well, thank you I guess... 😞

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@gaucho76 wrote:

I can't even start to explain how many things wrong are in this process.


But well, thank you I guess... 😞


Why not just ask your client to pay a bonus of the amount in question?


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Fabio, tell the client to pay you what you're owed via bonus then you can accept the refund request = problem solved quickly and easily.

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