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Client requesting a refund but I refused it (need help pls)

Good day! I am here to seek help as to how to deal with this client named xx xx (name not shown)


I was given the task (from his words): "Please go into these three lecturers at youtube and write both of them on latex file (not in words); if you open the transcript of the video; definitely will help because you could copy and past all the scientific words. Please include all the mathematical equation and don't skip any words from the professor, and graph all figures will see during the professor lectures"



Here is a sample link to a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pneK0tN1-I


Here is my output (transcript and the equations):

[LaTeX] https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbw6t1mfv7ts02g/transcript1-Network%20Analysis.%20Lecture%2013.%20Epidemic...


From the LaTeX transcript, you see that I paraphrased the words and didn't just copy and paste the entire thing. Fast forward today, I would like to report my client. He was asking for a refund and I am not allowing it.


The client goes by two names.

He filed for a refund because:

“The freelancer John Paolo xxx is a horrible writer. I asked him to write three youtube lectures in latex files. because scientific words are very important, I asked him to a copy and paste them from the transcript of the video and write the whole thing in the style of the scientific paper or the book. However, he just copied and pasted everything from the transcript of the video and posts it in the latex file. Also, he wrote the equations in latex format just for one lecture (not for all three lectures, unfortunately) and sent me the translation of the lecture and the equation file in a separate file which he not supposed to do that. When I asked him to emerge them in one file, he put them in on file in sperate paragraphs, not as scientific writing ( the equations and the explanation should be in the same paragraphs). He basically did nothing, if any of you guys review his work, you may discover that the freelancer just copied and pasted all the three lectures from youtube​ transcript.”


I refused to give him the refund because I knew that I worked hard for this. If I am a horrible writer, I would’ve just downloaded a subtitle generator online and submit it to him.


To give you a comparison between outputs from a subtitle generator and my transcription:
(subtitle generator): https://www.dropbox.com/s/0quk68tf3xtf5w3/%5BDownSub.com%5D%20Network%20Analysis.%20Lecture%2013.%20...
(my transcription): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbw6t1mfv7ts02g/transcript1-Network%20Analysis.%20Lecture%2013.%20Epidemic...



…you’ll see that the outputs are completely different, contrary to his claim that I did nothing and I copied and pasted everything from the YouTube videos.



As soon as I realized that he wasn’t satisfied with my work, I offered him help at no cost. I could easily do what he wanted, but he refused my help. He shut me down (screenshot below).


I hope you realize how hard it is to manually transcribe YouTube videos, especially those coming from a speaker with a poor command of the English language.


TL;DR: He filed for a refund, I gave him $0.01; in other words, I chose not to. I disagreed with his claim that I copied and pasted everything. I offered help, but he refused.


I appreciate the help that I could receive at this point. Thank you so much.


P.S. I can give you the screenshots of our entire chat plus other related info.

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John Paolo:

Client should not be asking for refunds if you did the work.


If a client does not love the work that you did, then the proper thing for him to do is to leave honest feedback and not hire you again.


But to ask for a refund?

No, that is not what the refund tool is used for. A "refund" is meant to be used when you did not do the work, or did not complete it.

Thank you for this response, Preston! I appreciated it.
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Community Manager

Hi John, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience with this Client. I understand that you value the inputs the Community will share with you about your situation, but I encourage you not to share more information about this here in the Community especially since it may misrepresent the situation.

Our team will not be able to discuss the details here because it's a public Community. Since you already have an open ticket for this, I'll go ahead and follow up with the team so that they can review your case, and recommend the next steps that you may take. 

~ Avery
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