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Client requesting for a refund

Hello ....

There is this client that hired me to do a report on AI technics and i did and the first time i submitted the job she said that 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

And i told her that i will make some changes and get back to her after redoing the work.
and she replied to by saying "

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

So after redoing the work as she said she changes what she wants "

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

 So i decided to re do the work again as they she wants it again....as she says
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

So after redoing the work she says some methods are missing since i wrote 4methods and it was supposed to be 6 since there were 6 articles. So her reply was **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I replied to her by saying i'll edit and add the methods that are missing and submit the work in an hour time..

I later submitted the work and she says she needs a docx version of the work since it was in pdf form and i agreed and converted the document into a docx version and she said she will review the work. After she reviewed the work she accepted the payment request of the milestone and ended the contract. 

After two weeks of payment i received a request of refund as she claims that **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Guys on my part i gave that work my best shot and i did it sincerely as she wanted because she said that I should respect a synthesis content.

Guys do you think i'll be wrong if i decline this request of refund and advise on how i can deal with the situation



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The client should not be requesting a refund.


I'm sure she doesn't tell her friends or family that she hired a freelancer to do all this work for her and then he did, and then she asked for the money back. I'm sure the client would be too embarrassed to reveal this to anybody she knows personally. They would probably call her out on her bad behavior.


You shouldn't give her a refund.


and do you think upwork can suspend my account incase i don't make a refund.


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If you didn't deliver on what you said you'd, I believe you should refund.

I would refund a client if we agreed that I'll do a cartoon animation for them, but deliver just one drawing.
That wouldn't be job they hired me to do, I'd be in the wrong there.

Again, that is IF!

If you have done your job, than no reason to refund. No reason for your account to be in any jeopardy.

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