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Client requesting for refund after the contract ended

Please give me a advice. I got a problem with the client, I recently had a hourly rate client for $3.00 per hour, suddenly she ended the contract and give me 5 star rating. But now she requested to refund about $84.00 and she threats me that she will withdraw her rating and opening a case with Upwork. I have done my job sincerly and with honesty. My job was hourly basis. What should I do?


** Should I refund him the money? If yes, would it affect my JSS?

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The contract is closed.


She can't withdraw her rating.

She can't open a case with Upwork that will do anything other than result in Upwork informing her that she can't do anything.



I do not see any reason fo you to refund her anything.

Don't argue with her. Don't defend yourself.


But say very little.


For example, you could say:

"Thank you for your note. I can't respond right this minute, but I will give you an answer within five days."


Then DO NOT communicate with her in any way for five days. Then write back, and tell her: "I read your message."


That's it.


The important thing to understand here is that she is behaving very badly, very unethically by trying to steal your money.


You must still be polite. But that does not mean you need to say "yes" to her baseless request for a $84 refund.

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Refunding doesn't effect your JSS negatively. The star rating is a public rating, which doesn't effect JSS either, the private feedback he has left for you is what will count in your profile score, and good news is - he can never change this feedback.

Since you worked on hourly terms, it's very likely that you will get paid and his dispute will go nowhere. I wouldn't refund him. Out of curiosity though - what is the reason that he wants refund?

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