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Client requesting my ID and tax information?

A past client recently sent me a message with a tax reporting form attached and said that they needed me to fill in the form and give them a copy of my ID along with my tax information. Aside from being a bit uncomfortable with this, I'm also pretty sure this isn't how Upwork functions and that there is no need for me to provide them with this information (based on some replies in prior threads), but I wanted to 1.) double check to make sure my hunch is correct and 2.) ask the community if there's some client FAQ section that I can direct them to in order to help clarify Upwork's policies to them. This client is not based in the U.S., so perhaps they have different legal requirements in their locale, but my understanding was that clients should do their tax reporting using Upwork's tax ID information (i.e. not each individual freelancer's). Anyone have any experience with this?



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Hi Nicolas,


Clients shouldn't ask for any personal information including what you are asked for. Plus, you are not their employee, so I guess you have nothing to do with the taxes they pay in their country.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Nicolas,

If your client requests your ID, we highly recommend that you refrain from doing so unless you trust your client and feel they have valid reasons for the request. Often, such requests are done for fraudulent purposes.
I`m not sure in what country your client is based but you can share this Help Article with them.

It should cover all questions they have about filling tax for their freelancers, if they still have questions you can advise them to contact us directly and we will assist them further.

~ Goran

Thank you Goran, I've let the client know that there shouldn't be any need to provide additional info and sent them the link to the article you provided, along with a suggestion to contact Upwork directly for any further questions. If there's any update or follow-up to this query that I think will be beneficial to the community at large, I'll post it here as well.

Hi Nicolas, I realise it was a long ago, but what was the end? I have pretty similar client from Hungary, who tells me I have to send him my docs.

Hey Andrey, 


I just told them I wasn't comfortable giving them my info, that it wasn't required (per Upwork), and that they should take it up with Upwork directly if they had a problem with it. If I were you, I'd start a new thread or reach out to Upwork support directly so that you can get something recent and official from Upwork, and then tell your client that you won't be doing this. FWIW I never worked with that client again, but to my mind, any client who doesn't know the law, doesn't know best practices for the Upwork platform, and doesn't respect my privacy is not a client that I want to have!


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