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Client requests revisions after approving the milestone

Hi everyone!
Unfortunately I am experiencing a difficult situation with my client. I sent him the work and he approved the milestone. Then he set a new milestone within the same contract, assigned me with the task and I continued working. After about a week since approving the first milestone he wrote that I had to redo some of that work and to do some more tasks which were not even discussed earlier. So it seems like he approved the milestone and only after that started checking my work. I told that I wasn't going to do that as that part was already approved and sent him some work I completed so far for the second milestone in order to be sure if I was on the right way. However he ignored it and gave me two options: 1) to redo the approved work with some additional tasks and then we'll proceed to the 2nd milestone  2) to refund him the money for the current milestone (although I have already sent him some part of it) and end this contract getting a negative feedback from him. (as he said).
So I am confused about my further actions. Is there any sence initiating a dispute (all our communication was within Upwork messages so it's easily traceable) and if I do it what will be the consequences for my JSS (in case I win/lose)? Thank you!

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It sounds like you're in a lose lose situation either way you look at it.  If I were you I would ask the client to move the changes he requires from the first milestone in to a new milestone but it sounds to me like you're going to end up with negative private feedback regardless of if he tells you otherwise.  I've been there before and while it sucks, I kissed the clients butt and went a little above and beyond so I could secure the positive feedback.

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Hi Valerii,

Attempting to falsify, manipulate, or coerce another User by threatening to give negative feedback is against the ToS. We'll review the client and take action as necessary, thank you.


Thanks a lot, Nina! Will be looking forward for any news or advice.

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There's no point in disputing anything - you got paid for the initial milestone you completed, and you haven't completed the second one yet. The client can't dispute anything either, they already approved the milestone.


Politely and professionally explain to the client that they have already indicated they're happy with the first milestone by paying it out, and if that isn't the case you're happy to address their concerns in a separate milestone for $X. If they don't agree, maybe just end the contract and leave polite, professional feedback for the client. You will almost certainly have to eat some bad feedback for this contract, which will have a bit of an impact because you don't have a high number of completed jobs. If the client leaves a negative comment, politely and professionally (!) reply to it.


You might note that I am really stressing being polite and professional here 😉 That is the best way to handle any situation like this.

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I think it depends in part on whether you did high quality work that fully satisfied the requirements of the first milestone as it was written at the time.


If you did, and he approved it, and now he's coming back with completely new work that isn't a matter of correcting imperfections in what you originally did, then you have zero obligation to accommodate him. At most there might be some strategic reasons to do a little bit to try to placate him, but he's the one who is in the wrong.


On the other hand, if he has pointed out legitimate problems in the work you originally did for him, then, yeah, in that case he never should have approved the milestone, but if you refuse to work on it further you're kind of getting him on a technicality, when really it's probably better to bend a bit and try to bring your work up to a higher level.


It sounds like it's more the first--that he's unreasonably trying to get you to do free work that was never a part of that first milestone--in which case you shouldn't let yourself be manipulated into doing more than you're comfortable doing.

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