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Client's Low Hiring rate

I wanna know is there any mechanism on Upwork to track client Job hiring scores, I mean Upwork is monitoring client's Job hiring scores? I have seen a lot of clients who have posted a lot of jobs but their hiring rate is below 5 to 30%. This isn't injustice with Freelancers? Freelancers are wasting their Connects to apply to these jobs, in the end, the client doesn't hire anyone. 


Suggestions to Upwork:

1. If any freelancer is applying for a job and in the end, the client isn't hiring anyone then the Connects should be reimbursed to the freelancer.

2. Secondly there should be some restrictions on clients not to spam the platform by just posting jobs without hiring anyone.


Hi Muhammad,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'd also like to confirm that when you use your Connects, you are investing in the opportunity to promote your services to prospective clients. Your Connects are not returned if the client chooses another freelancer, lets the job expire without hiring, or if you withdraw your proposal from a project. In the following cases, these Connects will be returned:


  • If a project is canceled by the client before a contract is made, Connects you used on that proposal will be returned. This does not apply to expired job posts.
  • If we remove a project’s post because we believe it violates our Terms of Service, Connects you used on that proposal will be returned.

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~ Joanne
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At the moment, you can filter clients for number of hires (0, 1-9, 10+) when searching for jobs. But you can't filter for hire rate, e.g. 50+ percent, or whatever. It might be a good idea for Upwork to add that.

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