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Client's Payment Failed - Freelancer Left Out of Pocket

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Tonya P wrote:

Petra R wrote:

I am not sure what you mean?


Attempting to collect escrow funds does not trigger any process that could cause a payment method to fail. The money is already successfully charged at that point.


If the client's credit card fails when Escrow is being funded, there won't be a milestone. The client's credit card failing for something else after that time does not affect the Escrow funds. The only way Escrow funds can be "not protected" is if the payment method used to fund them was not kosher (stolen card / hacked account)

I would call that a fail. Smiley Happy

And yet, nowhere near as risky as logging manual time on an hourly contract (as the OP has already discovered).

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Although you've been on Upwork for over 5 years, and have had 435 successful jobs and always enter manual time, that doesn't mean that you will continue without eventually running into trouble. Several freelancers here record manual time, Parts of certain jobs that involve creativity require a freelancer to enter manual time, but we all know that manual time is not protected and there's a good chance that something may happen and manual time will not be counted. And when, (not if) that happens, because it will happen sooner then later, we don't come on here and vent and complain about it because we took that risk knowing that. 


I don't know why you were horrified and that manual time was not protected. It's been mentioned here so many times. And it's mentioned in Upwork's Payment Protection agreement. (what qualifies and what doesn't) in order for Upwork to pay you out of its OWN pocket when something goes wrong with a clients payment on hourly jobs. Your longevity, earnings, top rated badge and everything has nothing to do with Upwork "caring" for you. Upwork is not in the business of "caring." it's in the business of freelancing, connecting clients and freelancers. It's not here to hold your hand.


And if you say you didn't know that manual hours were not protected then I say, being on here for that long a time, you should have known. 


If you want to grow your client base on other sites, you're more then welcome to, No one will stop you, but 50 more freelancers will take your place here..