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Client's account was suspended/"put on hold". What should I do from here?

Hello everyone - 


Just recently I recieved an email from Upwork stating that my contract with my client was put on hold. The email stated "We've noticed some possible issues with your contract" and it had to be put on hold.


Shortly following the email, I recieved a message from my client who stated the reasoning for the issues, saying, that as a result of a mistake in a job post he made, Upwork suspended his account. Despite working on a reinstatement, they hadn't responded back.


He stated further that in his job ad, he asked "potential applicants" to provide them with a list of their favorite rides and attractions when they applied to the job. However, Upwork deems that as "requesting unpaid work" from writers who are yet to be hired.


He's been an incredible client to work with and I'm extremely saddened to hear he'd be suspended.


In the same vain, I'm also wondering, is his reasoning true for his suspension? Do you have any advice for how to go forward from here? 


The client stated to me that he'd created an account on freelancer.com and that he'd be open to re-opening/reinstating the job through there now if I'd be interested and I am, however, I'm wondering if that'd be "safe", per-say?


He's been extremely flexible throughout it all and I'd hate to lose work with such a great client as him. Any advice?


Don't do any more work for this client until his suspension is lifted.  If he is telling you the truth, he should be able to work it out.


BTW:  you can't give client's names on the forum.



Thanks so much for your advice.


I apologize about mentioning the client's name. I hadn't known that wasn't allowed.


That said, thanks again! I hope everything works out for the best.


A contract being put on hold does not mean the client is permanently suspended, but (I hate to say this) you admitting that the client tried to take you off the site could result in a permanent suspension now.


If you agreed your own account could be in jeopardy.

Thanks so much for your advice, Petra. 


I really wish things didn't have to end up like this but I'm thinking I'm going to play it safe and go with my gut instinct.


I trust Upwork and I trust it's platform.


That said, thanks again so much.

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