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Client's country: difference in job post profile and messaging

Community Guru

Hi Mods.


I got hired by a client from country A (as it would appear on their job post profile). I just noticed in the messaging app that he's not really from country A but from country B.


I usually don't care about this minor detail but the timezones for A and B are pretty far apart, about 5 hours. I'm from the Philippines and this 5-hour difference matters with regards to deadlines and communication gaps. A 5-hour gap can spell the difference between their day being ahead or way behind me. 


Which country should I use for the client's official location? Country A or Country B?



Community Guru

@Robert James R wrote:

Which country should I use for the client's official location? Country A or Country B?



 Ask the client?


It my also be that the client company is in a different country to the person you are talking to. Clients have project managers, clients have recruiters, administrators etc etc.


People also sometimes set their time all wrong!


Just clarify with the person you are talking to, so you're both on the same page. There is no official answer.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Robert James,


There is a number of legitimate reasons for a user to communicate from a different time zone/country, than the one shown on their profile. It is also possible that the user is misrepresenting or hasn't updated their location.


If you suspect the latter, please report the client and our team will review. Please communicate with your client and in the meantime, you can go with the time zone from their messages.Robert James


Robert James:

It's an interesting question...


Personally, I only encounter this question here in the Community Forum, where I notice that many regular Forum participants notice the time zones of cliens and contractors, and sometimes notice discrepancies between these.


I actually have never had any interest in clients' time zones or countries of residence, so I have never looked for this information. I sometimes notice clients' posted countries of residence, but I don't even know where time zone information can be found.


I don't find any of this relevant to the kind of work that I do, although I recognize that for other contractors' work, these are subjects of interest.


Among my most recent clients, I have worked with clients whose posted locations are in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. My most recent Upwork work was for a client whose posted location is India. Does she realy live in India? I don't know. I don't know why she would lie about it, though.


Many of the projects I work on involve multiple clients and collaborators. I communicate with some of these individuals via Upwork messaging, and some of them through other means (email, Slack, Skype).


Most of the time when I communicate with clients or client designees, I really don't have any idea of what city or what country they're in. The topic usually doesn't come up. But for the sake of other Upwork users, I like the idea of Upwork providing accurate information about people (especially contractors), and I like Upwork's tools that allow users to search based on country or geographic region.