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Client says he's going away...won't complete milestone

Hi there,

I just submitted my first docment and the client responded that he is going away for a few weeks so he will review it on his return, our contract is agreed for 10 days- so I completed the milestone and asked to clear this one before he goes- and now he asked if I'm going to put it into a proposal template but he has not reviewed the content.

I would really like to end this contract as I can't see it going well, also I cannot wait a few weeks to just review my work and would like to end it once this milestone is complete, if that will happen,

Can anyone advise please.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Melanie, 

I checked your account but was unable to identify which client you were referring to. Upon checking both your fixed-price contracts, looks like both have money in escrow for the next milestone. Once you submit your work, your client will have 14-days to review the work you submitted. If he doesn't request for any changes within the 14-days, the money in escrow will automatically be paid to your account. 

Since the client has advised that he's going away and won't come back in a few weeks, I would suggest that you only submit any work until the client gets back from his trip. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Thank you for your reply, It's my contract for proposal writing. We agreed on a 10 day turn around, I may not be able to pick it back up in a few weeks time.  




If the money is already in escrow on the second milestone,you can submit the work  (whether your client is around or not) and hit the release button, and as Avery says, the funds will go into your account after 14 days if the client doesn't respond. After which, you can wait for your client's return to close the contract himself and leave feedback (which is what I would do), or you can close the contract yourself once the money is in your account. If you close the contract before this, the money will automatically revert to the client. 


If you feel uncomfortable about this job and you don't want to complete it at all, you will have to refund the money on the second milestone to the client before you can close the contract.





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