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Client searches for freelancers, filters and and effects on client AND freelancer staisfaction

I've been wondering why I've been receiving no invites to jobs other than ones that are not included in my profile settings. Then I decided to look at things from the Client platform, as I am both a freelancer and a client.  I looked for myself in the appropriate category (voice talent), and like others on this thread:





 tried every mix of filters that I could think of. In some combinations, I was not found at all. In others I was buried so deep that I suspect no client would find me. I am "top rated", 5 Star with a 101 jobs completed and feature the phrase "voice talent" as well as "voice over" in both the headline of my profile and the body. 


I'm not even sure that the Experience Level filter (as referenced in the above mentioned thread) is the only culprit. Again, as others mentioned, there were several freelancers offered as choices that did not even engage in voice work (data entry, SEO Writing, Programming, etc.). 


I'm also confused by the filtering choices for number of hours worked. There is a choice between Any hours, 1 hour, 100 or 1000.  I understand that "Any" covers everything, but it seems to me that with that choice, having 30k plus profiles offered, no one is going to take the time to look through them all. I am stuck in some sort of no-mans ( or no-womans)  land with 86 hours. I won't show up much quicker with the 1 hour option, and I won't show up at all with the 100 hours option. Why wouldn't there be an option specifically for those of us between 1 and 100 hours? 


Even with several filters, I see people with 0 hours being recommended before me. This explains why I see so many job posts where the client specifies that they want only freelancers with 100 hours to apply, but in the listing of candidates I find several cases where the people that they invited have 0 hours.


I know that if I apply, I will be hidden due to the number of hours, but the invited applicants, regardless of their lack of hours, will be considered.


I'm all for new folks getting a chance to land a project, but I don't know that Clients that are looking for more experienced applicants that get 0 hour recommendations are going to have a whole lot of faith in the Upwork platform.


As a freelancer, I am assured that invitations don't detract from the number of connects that I have. That's all well and good, except that if I'm not getting invites, or not getting invites that are applicable to my skill sets, then it's a moot point. Except for the fact that if I don't reply to the invitation in a timely manner, my score is affected.

So, as a client I am potentially dissatisfied with the hiring process, and as a freelancer, I am put at a disadvantage when it comes to being hired. This is more than a nuisance issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Stephen,


I understand your concern with the way your profile is displayed to clients when they search for freelancers. Our team is currently reviewing the search engine and your feedback is very valuable for us.


I have checked and I was able to find your profile pretty high in the list after applying a few filters. Note that the system is designed in a way that search results display differently depending on who is searching. It takes client's work history and job requirements into consideration as well.



~ Valeria

Thanks Valeria. That is the first time I've been made aware that the search results will vary by client. I'm not sure whether that is an advantage or disadvantage or neither for the freelancer, but I suppose it is good to know.  hope you (or someone else) will take the "hours worked" issue into consideration as well (adding a tier between 1 hour worked and 100).

I appreciate your response.


"That is the first time I've been made aware that the search results will vary by client. I'm not sure whether that is an advantage or disadvantage or neither for the freelancer"


It's just another little morsel of info being dropped into the mix. It might be an advantage if Upwork had algorithms that could efficiently and effectively creae some advantage from such a filter. But they don't - they have mad robots become more random and useless the more complex the tasks that are required of them. They are just not up to the job.

Stephen LV:


If it's any consolation: Your search results are not any more confusing and baffling than the results one gets searching for the rest of us.


I know a lot about how many aspects of Upwork works, but, yeah, the search for contractors still confuses me.


I pretty much gave up trying to figure it out, and I just figure that I'm at no particular advantage or disadvantage relative to other contractors.

I suspected as much Preston, but thanks for confirming!