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Client send OFFER and asked me to sign in NDA , what is that ?



I don't know what NDA ? puropose of that ?
Can anyone help me , If i sign in to that will lead to problems for example, I cant work for another comapines in same industry ?


Here's the NDA agreements
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Hi Amr,

If you have any concerns about signing an additional NDA from your client I would recommend to consult with an attorney or a specialist in this area.

Just to confirm that in addition to our TOS clients can also send their own NDA's in some cases. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Most NDAs just mean "non-disclosure."


It means you won't tell other people about the stuff you see or learn about when you are doing the job.


If you're a professional, you wouldn't do that any way. So for the most part, NDAs are just contracts to sign to say that you'll do what you would already be doing.


So NDAs like that are no big deal.


I think most people who ask you to sign an NDA haven't even read the NDA. Somebody in their legal department told them to ask freelancers to sign the NDA.


My advice:

Read the NDA.

If there's nothing weird in it, then sign it and turn it back in.


re: "for example, I cant work for another comapines in same industry"


That is what is known as a "non-compete clause."


It is NOT part of a standard NDA.

Read the NDA the prospective client gave you. If it doesn't say anything like then, then don't worry about this.


If you read an NDA that does say something like that, then you can ask the client to remove the clause.

Or you can sign it anyway if you don't care. For example, if a client wants to hire you to work on a project in the puppy nutritional treat industry, and they don't want you to work in that industry for somebody else for a year... and you figure you won't be working for anybody else in the puppy nutritional treat industry for the next year... Then go ahead and sign.

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I sign NDAs on about 25% of the Upwork projects I work on from Upwork clients.


Each NDA is different, but most are not complex. If you know someone who is fluent in English, they should be able to read it and you can then decide if the terms are acceptable to you. Usually NDAs are designed to make sure you won't tell anyone else any secrets you find out about your client while you are working with them.


If the NDA require that you agree not work for anyone else in their industry, that might be a restriction you cannot accept because you do a lot of work with clients in that industry.

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